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Do you need a pre-wedding photo session?

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You will be surprised, but usually the photo session itself is the least anticipated part of the day for most of the soon-to-be couples. I clearly remember that even before my own wedding, I was most nervous about the photo session. This was due to the fact that we simply did not plan a pre-wedding photo session, and I had no real experience in photography until the wedding day.

Now, when I meet new couples, I can relate to them, and often I hear repeated phrases and beliefs, which, luckily, I have ways to refute! And the most common phrases of future newlyweds are:

-"We feel like we won't be able to pose"

-"We are not photogenic"

-"The photo session on the wedding day will be our first time in front of the camera"

-"We have had negative experiences in the past"

If it happens that these phrases are familiar to you, then maybe you should think about meeting for a pre-wedding photo session. Of course, if you feel that way but don't want a photoshoot, no problem. The most important thing is that you should be ready to step out of your comfort zone on the wedding day and not be afraid to appear as if you are in front of me!

Although in the photo session on the wedding day, these preconceived beliefs and the phrases listed above may prevent you from relaxing, trusting each other and me, and fully enjoying the moment.

During the photo session, you will get to know the basic rules of posing, and through guidance and practice, you will find out how the most precious and beautiful moments are captured. And it's when you manage to establish a connection with each other. When your eyes sparkle with love and you immerse yourself in such an adventure, that can truly create magic.

Also, this is an opportunity for me to get to know you better. Learn your story and see who you are! At the same time, you will get to know me better. After all, we will spend almost all day together at the wedding, so mutual trust is very important.

I always invite you to look at this photo shoot as an opportunity to capture the romantic side of you two. It can be a picnic by the sea or perhaps a flight in a hot-air balloon. A jump into the water from a shore with clothes on, or perhaps a more leisurely walk along the paths of the forest or the city. There are no rules in this place. Therefore, it only takes a little imagination and determination to embark on this short adventure together!

The photos from the pre-wedding photo session will reach you even before the wedding, so you will be able to understand that you are really photogenic and wonderful. And if something goes wrong, we will definitely discuss it before the celebration, and we will not repeat those mistakes on the wedding day.




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